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PI: Franklin High School

Today is my last full day at the PI office since I am starting school tomorrow so I made sure I can still keep up with my work by staying organized for the next 2 weeks. Making sure I can have all my tasks up to date, know my due dates, start some of the work early and more. Through out the day I made sure to start working on social media post for the upcoming events not forgetting to ask the interns if they were able to do their tasks or talk about their future task. The task that was talked the most with my partner is to work on GivePulse aid campaign creating a video and a flyer to engage High school students.

Gave 7.25 hours on 08/27/2019
PI: Franklin High School

My time at the office I spend time to writing my second blog. I changed my mind on what I was I was going to write at first being the Pan- African experience blog to now the beginning of my internship to the end of the internship mostly because when write I want to make sure it's something that I genuinely feel. Aside form that I made sure that the upcoming event was posted on social media and send emails to the people that prefer emails for the upcoming events for my phone Jam

Gave 7.17 hours on 08/22/2019 with Catalyst, Passion Impact
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I really enjoy reading this reflection. Consider writing similarly for your blog!
Passion Impact

Wednesday event was dedicated to do any work that was necessary for today such as social media post. After the interns came back from Friday and Monday events such as Oceanside beach trip and summer works celebration. We focused on future events was mostly one of the things I had a lot of questions about seeing what I can start planning for social media advertisements, emails, or any other writings also I took the time to start editing my blog and decided to make changes that did not look interesting for the viewers.

Gave 6.75 hours on 08/21/2019
PI: Franklin High School

The 3rd day of registration day had to be the day that was full since it was freshmen registration day. The interns that I promote with took time to make cessions in which we were going to promote I took my time in the morning mornings are the busiest days then evenings, but time goes fast. Throughout the day we had most of the interns that morning so we decided to once in a while have someone walk through the registration lines. My thoughts were that it was going to be even harder to reach out to freshmen, but once interns promoted to them they were opened to try new things in volunteering especially since it was going to be needed for their classes high school requirements.

Gave 4.00 hours on 08/20/2019 with Catalyst
PI: Franklin High School

the 2nd day at Franklin High School registration day made me realize how tiring it can get you're interested in reaching each person during the day although it was a fun experience meeting new students and parents that were interested in volunteering mostly asking questions about gardening. Talking about volunteering really had to do about pushing people to do what they were interested in. Sophomores saw are tabling as a series volunteer requirement as I also shared with the interns, but I came across people that were good to share how it was not "boring" by sharing fun experiences.

Gave 6.00 hours on 08/14/2019 with Catalyst
PI: Franklin High School

during the time outside of the office, I was excited to spend time at Franklin High School registration day to protome volunteerism to students as they walked to finish their registration process. Throughout the day with interns, we tabled at the school by asking questions and approaching students. My thoughts were that it was going to be intimidated by the number of students but the process was mostly fun. I realized that if I have enough confidence in what I'm showing students and parents are likely to listen to what I'm promoting.

Gave 5.00 hours on 08/13/2019
PI: Franklin High School

Wednesday came across a working day for me my focus was going over a press release mostly looking into more information about how it can be written then I moved on to starting my writing. Starting a new work has to be a nerve-racking experience for me as I'm not aware of it, but once I start getting into my writing I start getting confident in what I do. My goal is to make sure I can do the best work I can as my first time in any of the work that I volunteer to do. overall every day is a new experience that's exciting to learn and work on.

Gave 6.25 hours on 08/07/2019 with Passion Impact
Speaker Series: Religion

The speaker series brought 4 different speakers talking about religion and answering questions their own way mostly sharing the same positive thoughts. Everyone was respectful of their beliefs and thoughts since we were interested about their religion and mostly their way of life. As an intern I made sure i got to set up for the event, have people register for the event as they walk in, and take pictures of the event.

Gave 1.87 hours on 08/06/2019 with PI: Franklin High School
PI: Franklin High School

Through the day my focus was to post on social media and learn in my meeting about new products or tools I can use for passion impact. Learning about press release was a new thing that I learned understanding the basic things of it and seeing outlines with someone that has experience in with them. My day was a learning experience with drones and promotional work ideas that helped me and potentially help me reach out to students and adults to volunteer

Gave 7.85 hours on 08/06/2019 with Catalyst, Passion Impact
PI: Franklin High School

During my day I took the time to stay productive by doing work that should be done by that day and doing a social media check in followers. I worked on my designs for the upcoming events also checking up on my blog to see what I can edit. Sending emails had to be the fun part of making calls to students sending a lot of emails with good information of upcoming events! Specially when it’s sent to friends

Gave 7.10 hours on 07/31/2019 with Passion Impact